An Update on Our Business + Announcement

Almost five years ago, Betsy designed her first wedding magazine ever: her own. All her friends and family LOVED the adorable way to share her relationship with her new husband with the guests at her reception, and she started doing more and more custom designs for friends, eventually leading to a full-blown business she named Unlike Juliet.


Fast forward five years later, and Betsy has designed almost 100 custom magazines for both weddings and small businesses. This business has grown to be more than just a small-time side hustle, especially with the addition of a new partner, Rachel. Betsy and Rachel have worked together for several years, and when Betsy realized that her passion for Unlike Juliet could be matched by Rachel’s, they knew it was a match made in heaven (just like you and your fiancé!).

Speaking of your love and upcoming wedding plans, we wanted to tell you a little about some of the changes Unlike Juliet has gone through in the past couple of months to provide a better client experience for our brides. In addition to bringing on a brand new team member (which will contribute to faster design times and an increase in number of projects we can take on), we also revamped our website, as you can see, to provide all the latest information on each of the products we can provide. We've also consolidated our magazines into five unique styles that you can pick from when you start your project.

Each magazine style includes 22 different spread options to choose from, including our most popular spreads from our magazines: Meet the Couple, Interview with the Bride and Groom, Who Said it?, and the Relationship Timeline. Depending on how many pages you want in your magazine, you can decide on the spreads you want to feature. More details concerning price points for different page counts and the number of spreads each magazine length is capable of featuring is included on our wedding magazines page.

We’re so excited to start offering these unique styles to our brides! To celebrate the launch of these magazine styles, we’re offering FREE SAMPLES to all who request one by this coming Sunday night. Magazine samples will be shipped on Monday and Tuesday. See our recent Instagram posts for more details.

Thanks for being here and supporting us for a whole five years. We have more changes and new product launches coming up later this year, so be sure to stick around to see all the action! And follow us on Instagram to see beautiful images of happy brides with their custom Unlike Juliet wedding magazines.


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