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love stories are worth sharing

the history

we're inspired by the power of meaningful storytelling.

If a picture tells a thousand words, then imagine how much your custom wedding magazine can say about your relationship. Your guests will cherish these keepsakes for years to come, and talk about your creativity in telling the story of your love for just as long. 

Unlike Juliet unofficially began in 2013 when Betsy designed a magazine for her own wedding. She loved the experience of getting to showcase more about her relationship with her husband than what a guest would typically see in a simple wedding invitation or even on the day of the wedding. She included trivia, the story of how they met, and even detailed their wedding party.  Just from the feedback and requests from friends and family that had seen or heard about her magazines, she knew she was on to something.

As Betsy's business grew, so did the need for more time to design more magazines. Rachel began helping with the design of custom business lookbooks, a new service she added to her wedding magazine line-up in early 2016. Rachel's contribution has since grown from outsourced design work to work wife/boss babe assistant as the two cultivate a rich, flourishing brand that delivers a wider variety of bespoke products for weddings and more!


about us

We’re a two-woman team dedicated to creating something beautiful for you to cherish. We’ve been in your shoes, planning a wedding, and we know just how to make your wedding a little “extra”.


Betsy Jorgensen

I’m a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, writer, designer and circus peanut afficianado.


Rachel Cottrell

I’m a wife, a mama to twin boys, president of the Betsy fan club, and a relentless serial side hustler.


We Care About Our Clients

This team values the quality of your magazine and we are dedicated to delivering an exceptional product. Trust us with your story and photos and we’ll design the perfect keepsake for you to display and share.

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we believe


Sharing your love story lets your family and friends feel more intimately connected to you, making your already beautiful day all that more special.


We’ve never been particularly traditional and we’re not afraid to try new things. Custom wedding magazines offer a fresh take on wedding paper goods.


Your memories deserve to be pampered. Left to their own devices, words and images can only do so much. Together, they can tell stories powerfully and beautifully.


We only take a select number of clients each month to ensure that everyone we work with gets the personal attention they deserve. Your story deserves the best.

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